Lying About College Admissions and Financial Aid Practices

The Stanford U Business School staff accidentally left ten years of recent admissions-related data on a public database, and someone found and analyzed it, and found the results to contradict Stanford’s assertions about their practices. To some, this is an indictment of Stanford University. For the more insightful it is about all the admissions decisions and financial aid decision considerations and processes, at all colleges and universities. Many applicants to hosts of schools were not satisfied in the past, nor will all be satisfied in the future about admissions and financial aid decisions. Some will believe that the adverse decisions were due to unfavorable bias, and they are correct. However, unless a school is stupid or careless enough to put every bit of applicable data they consider in admissions and financial aid decisions criteria into writing and post it for all to see, most applicants have little to support their claims, and school administrators’ pants will not catch on fire.

However, these are perilous times for believers in data security. Regarding a substantial amount of their recent Business School admissions and financial aid awards practices, Stanford University is the recipient of a painful lesson in computer data security.

Sometimes you wish their pants really would catch on fire. In spite of which, apply to school at any level, undergraduate through professional degree, at the institutions of your preferences. However, do not believe much of what you read in glossy brochures, nor that you have the application process all figured out. ISG Success knows you can succeed with diligent effort, high-level achievement, quality support and good resources. Your success matters to us.


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