Education for a New American Industrial Revolution

 Many would suggest that Horace Mann was the founder of the modern American educational system. This statement by no means implies that he was the founder of all educational programs that existed during his primacy. He did not contribute to institutions that preceded him. But, as he guided it when general public education began to evolve there were underlying objectives in its foundation. His focus was on educating the greater public with the then new objective serving the rapidly developing American Industrial Revolution. Schools applying the Mann philosophies assured that our young citizens sufficiently met education objectives. The graduates needed to engage in necessary menial tasks, care for the equipment, and to manage the new manufacturing infrastructure developing across our young America.

    An important pillar of the “Make America Strong Again” is the New American Industrial Revolution. The concept requires new tax legislation that will financially encourage our multinational American companies to return to the continental U.S., and the present and pending young workforces to train to excel in their new industrial roles. Such requires significant effort nationally.

   Pedagogical dialogue and future of education should not be focused upon unions, educator salaries, and pensions. Pressure local educational systems to work with industry so as to stay aware of and teach quality, market-relevant materials. ISG Success believes we should teach for a New American Industrial Revolution.

Quality children’s education and their success matters.