Course Offerings at Your College

Attending college has always been a stressful experience for students. It marks a change in life and scholastic settings, expectations, objectives, and personal responsibility. However, I recently noted a newspaper article referring to a very good state university deciding to address student stress. The school is already quite expensive, at nearly $400/unit for in-state tuition, tripling that rate for out-of-state and foreign students. However, rather than simply promoting exercise, improved sleep, and joining or starting clubs in which you engage in relaxing activities, the university is offering a Stress Management class and hanging hammocks around the campus. Of course, hammocks are tricky to maneuver at times, so all students will also pay more fees to cover the liability the school will face as someone will be injured falling out. Additionally, none of the parents better hear about any of their kids paying $1,200 to $3,600 for a one semester, a 3-unit course covering meditation, quilting, basket-weaving, hammock power napping, and similar content. Notably, at this large Division I school, aside from being located in a “college town”, students already have plenty of relaxing diversion-apps on their smartphones, and other options with student centers, sports teams, recreational facilities, existing clubs, and other activities covered by their college fees. Students and other payers of and contributors to anything university related should also be furious because the school will actually pay someone to teach such @#&^! as if the course is higher education.

If you go to an Ivy League school they are likely to even cover alternative approaches to intimate self-relaxation in a hammock, synonymous course content, or provide similar club offerings. What colleges and universities are you considering? What are their course offerings? Maybe you should reconsider your school rankings. Be successful.