World-Leading Education … Leading to Success

If you wish to lead the world economy, you drive the world’s demands and you develop your population to support your position. You build goods and provide services that the world must work to emulate and with regards to which they lack the relevant education, familiarity, as well as production-related skills, and experience. You deliver an effective, leading education, create leading students, who then produce national success. A world-leading education, leading to success, is not specifically an education at the highly-marketed institutions.

To lead the future world economy we should not need to import students to fill our classrooms, have foreign professionals perform our academic research, or hire them at American corporations involved in the leading-edge production. Neither should we manufacture abroad to save production costs, giving American jobs away and exposing technology secrets. When such is the case, we fail decidedly, in the name of false global diversity, inclusiveness and to appease social attitudes of the misinformed. We release that which is patently American, including technology and skills, to the competing world’s toolbox.

Our citizen-students and graduates need to lead in their classrooms and thrive in the markets. Our governments, community leaders, industrial mavens, institutions of higher education, and individual families should all get aboard. All should be encouraging, collaborating, and educating our diverse, citizen-students. All should be developing our students into leaders of the global future, doing so right where they are now.

Find colleges and universities with Missions,  instructor attitudes, guest speakers planned, and regular course content that delivers a global-oriented education coupled with national centrism and meritorious underlying values that support your objectives. ISG Success will help you find an education that supports making you strongly successful.

A Leading Education … Leading to Your Success