Debt-Free College (paid to go)

     Colleges and universities have evolved substantially since their early inception. They no longer primarily serve, nor are they accountable to industry and government. They no longer assure the development of industry-prepared, market-ready graduates. Accordingly, they have also redirected their marketing/sales content and efforts, now reaching out to students and their families. They also redirected billing to the students and families (or their proxies). But, colleges and universities stopped guaranteeing the education service effectiveness and accountability previously offered to corporations and governments served. 

Moreover, colleges and universities have expanded their offerings. Many course catalogs increasingly look like “smorgasbord-menus-gone-wild”. Who knows the initially intended beneficiaries of such course diversity, their employees, or students with a lesser sense of post-collegiate life direction.

Reflecting the underbellies of college nouveau course offerings, there were approximately seventy-five hate speech codes in place at U.S. colleges and universities in 1990. By 1991, the number grew to over three-hundred, with ever-evolving efforts since then to keep campus environments civil. All wish to foster productive learning in the face of growing numbers of the outlier, delusional students and tenured faculty who believe “free speech without consideration of, or responsibility for impact” is acceptable, and an inalienable right. Coupled with all contributors to contemporary, burgeoning campus disquietude are the numerous bizarre and unnecessary course offerings (e.g., The History of Hate Speech, Bikram Yoga 101).

Colleges cannot objectively justify the time students spend in activities such as the above described disruptive social engagement, or time and money invested in these “far-from-higher-education” courses in a return-on-investment manner. So, many institutions now simply market college as an opportunity and experience. Your outcomes related to the purchase of their opportunity, particularly when measured in terms of dollars, graduation rates, as well as post-graduation placement into program major-relevant jobs and preferred graduate schools are thereby your risks.  

Schools and collateral organizations are even less accountable to the fact that many of you are very talented and skilled to the degree that your roles at the schools bring millions of dollars to the colleges, communities and national entertainment networks while you are enrolled. Yet, the profiting institutions behave as though you should be pleased with receiving even a partial scholarship in return for your contributions to their financial well-being. 

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