The !st Constitutional Amendment & Guest Speakers on Campus

    As you consider your college options, note that not all time will be spent in class. There are often many supported and independent extracurricular activities from which you may choose. Some of the often free, supported activities will be lectures by guest speakers on campus. The guests may address a broad range of topics, from leading edge science, contemporary socio-political topics, art, and even the most intimate, personal subjects. Of critical importance to you (topics aside) can be the nature of the venues, who is allowed to participate (students, faculty and staff-only versus community-wide invitation), as well as the manner and bias of the presenters. Many schools may be so liberal, or conservative that the content and manner of presentations may cause those who disagree to wish to run from the venue, flushed, embarrassed, angered or concerned about their safety among others also attending.

    No matter where your values lie, if very interested in the school, consider asking a recruitment representative if s/he can get you a list of guest topics/subjects, and speakers who presented on campus over a period of at least the past year. Inability or unwillingness to do so are themselves answers that you may interpret as you wish. However, if provided the information in a timely manner, take a look at the guests list (names, organizations), topics, and their positions on the subjects, particularly if transcripts are available. You can get a strong sense of the values of the college/university by whom they elect to present to you, their charges, their primary customers.

    The manner of application of the 1st Constitutional Amendment by guest speakers on campus contributes to student indoctrination. Choose your student indoctrination wisely.