Conservative versus Liberal University Educations

You can tell that the author of this type article is liberal-oriented as soon as derogatory labels begin to be applied to those with conservative views. But, the decision about the conservative versus liberal university selection should be couched within the framework of the objective of the education.

  1. Do you actually have educational objectives? This is frequently considered a conservative position.

  2. Can you deliver arguments from both sides of perspectives? Although a conservative universities do not wish for you to be a liberal flag-bearer, they do not stifle your expression in didactic settings, disallowing presentation of factual information content.

  3. Is there an attempt to ban or substantially limit access to alcohol and drugs (A&D) at conservative schools? Yes. But, which parents actually send their students to college with any desire for A&D to be an important, substantial, or integral element of their experience? None. Classes taken/excelled in, job skills development, leadership skills development, artistic, athletic, business, musical, trade-related and other skills developed to make their progeny more valuable to the community is the purpose of parental investments of time, money and other resources.

  4. At conservative schools is there an attempt to ban or substantially influence that which would impact their student’s social behavior? Yes. But, which parents actually sends their students to college desiring that absolutely any behavior, activity, expression, demonstration, solicitation, and so on should be considered acceptable, individually or promoted and supported on campus, with even issues of legality being murky? None. Moreover, on many campuses any suggestion that law, behavior, speech or opinion contrary to that which is allowed on campus should be considered untenable, even intolerable, defines student experiences.

It is quite unfortunate that the leadership of many colleges and universities are primarily focused upon their own interests, particularly in liberal arts college settings. With values and universal scholarly objectives having fallen by the wayside since even the elementary school level in many public school settings, most secular, non-military academy type, college level institutions simply continue the behavior. Newer college students, without other high-quality experiences upon which to rely, are simply victims of evolving, socially untoward educational-business propaganda of liberal agendas.