Your Education Matters!

Most recognize that teaching and learning are two separate entities. Additionally, there are significant differences of opinions regarding the definitions of quality educational content, good teaching methods, learning skills and how to objectively measure progress. ISG Success recognizes that there will be critics of all educational systems, products, and services. Yet, some appropriate criticism is simply a push against ineffective practices, rewards for poor pedagogy, and indefensible education system relationships, focus and waste, particularly when content does not yield delivery of the promised, high-quality, measurably-effective, market-applicable education to all citizens.

We try not to be distracted by unproven education technology and delivery theory that is simply hot and trending,  or new and interesting. We are also not impressed when education systems exchange recognized, effective teaching processes for untried methods so as to access funding, particularly grant funds not tied to performance metrics. The money may support infrastructure, technology, staff, books, as well as other equipment and materials.

But, application of public (citizen-funded) monies to failed/failing concepts (e.g., whole word reading, gaussian-curve student performance distribution targets), for topical idiosyncrasies/minutia, politically-correct, deviant and counter-cultural  (counter to primary contributors to the tax funds) content and projects, as well as specifically for non-citizen students is not acceptable.

Neither should public school systems be political tools of unions that take advantage of forced-funding by teachers to promote extreme positions regardingplace education service delivery  – services paid for by majority-taxpayer monies. Hopefully, you are not taken aback when we occasionally step on toes previously protected by your personal biases.

Let us consider a place of endless, unbounded educational opportunities a utopia of sorts, in this context, an “edutopia”. An often read, enlightening, and frequently paraphrased book states: “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Unfortunately, the message is not diversely accepted in spite of its truth. Some do not even recognize “edutopias” available to them. Others suppress the education of their neighbors and the less fortunate charges by their own ignorance, or as they participate in and support numerous misanthropic social agendas.

No matter the adversity of your circumstances, nor where your beliefs lie, you should flee ignorance if you and your compatriots are to prosper in life. But, may shame be shared with you if you are part of the problem, not the solution.

 ISG Success know that your education matters!

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