Debt-Free College (paid to go)

     Colleges and universities have evolved since their industrial revolution development heyday. They no longer primarily serve, nor are they accountable to industry and government, assuring the development of industry-prepared, market-ready graduates. Accordingly, they also shifted their marketing content and billing to students and their families, asking them to be the payers, but without the same service effectiveness and accountability previously afforded corporations and government interests they served.

    Now, most colleges cannot objectively justify their services in a cost-related Return On Investment manner. Your outcomes related to the purchase of their services, particularly when measured in terms of expense, quality of experience, graduation rates and post-graduation placement into jobs and preferred graduate programs are your risks.  Schools and collateral organizations are even less accountable to the fact that many of you are very talented and skilled to the degree that your roles at the schools bring millions of dollars to the colleges, communities and national entertainment networks while you are enrolled (but, comparatively little to you). Contact us if you need a bit of help, otherwise, the following is worth more than you may fathom.

    Do not approach higher education like a pauper seeking alms. Demand more, work at getting Paid to Go to College and experience Debt Free College at a school that is a top-tier college for you.

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