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Students are often wishful of being admitted into Top Colleges.  Instead, they should consider what they may do to find themselves in the position of determining which of many Top Colleges admissions invitations they will accept.

It is far simpler to gain admissions into Top Colleges than most students recognize. However, all students are not born into families of significant financial means, with regular doses of supportive values, facilitated by well-informed strategies, and complemented by a healthy daily life. So, at very young ages, they are already behind and less capable of taking advantage of educational opportunities and supportive experiences over time. Moreover, they often attend schools in neighborhoods where those paid to undergird their success are often more focused on their own interests than the successes of their students.

Sports-related topics aside, we rarely read college admissions stories published on the internet. Authors tend to be excessively focused upon a small nucleus of northeastern universities, never questioning why these particular schools merit being so coveted or what makes identified students particularly remarkable candidates.

 Succeed independently or more efficiently, working with a coach.  With our critical assistance, or self-guided with the materials referenced below, you will become academically newsworthy as well as define the “Top Colleges” for yourself, not those selected by media and myth. We work to facilitate admissions to your Top Colleges. Additionally, we help you get paid to be there. 

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