Become a Top Academic Achiever

    Plan on engaging a rich, intensive, and very effective learning approach. You will learn to become a top academic achiever (or even greater) in a unique manner. With the effective application of this strategy, you will cruise through introductory courses, score atop classes in high-level mathematics, excel in the study of human physiology, and advanced literature. Rapidly learn to succeed in early education as well as pre-college through professional school content, related admissions tests, and ranking-type examinations. Continue to be a high-performer throughout your career, expediting advancement.

    We all know that Albert Einstein was a brilliant man, but there is nothing in our historical literature suggesting that he was a good instructor. Similarly, attending expensive sports camps conducted by Hall of Fame athletes will not infuse you with All-Pro skills. These examples are provided to suggest that surrounding yourself with brilliance does not endow you with their knowledge. Neither will you learn to be a prolific academic achiever by surrounding yourself with those who have already performed well in your courses or on a test you plan to take. Although their support can be very valuable, newer research on brain neuroplasticity suggests that the more challenging, but appropriately guided, the learning process is for you, the more active the brain becomes, chemically and relative to developing new neuronal connections. As such, it is truly the case that “the one who does the work is the one who learns”, so long as it is done efficiently.

    With you athletes still in mind, Michael Jordan (aka Chicago Bulls), is reported to have quipped: “If you take 10,000 practice shots with bad technique, all you accomplish is to get very good at shooting poorly.” So, do not just do more of the wrong thing, simply working harder. Rather, to paraphrase Mark Twain: Whenever you find yourself on the side of performing things in a manner consistent with the most common approach, it is time to reconsider how you are doing things.

    ISG Success is quite sure that your goals are not common, so apply an uncommon approach to pursuing high-level achievement. Additionally, you do not want to waste time reading an indescribably voluminous number of pages supporting each strategic component. You want to a condensed, concise, get started now approach.

    There is substantial literature available regarding reading techniques, the memory, organization, focus, time allocation, prioritization, learning psychology, functional MRI, barriers to learning effectively, online versus off-line strategies, short-term memory versus long-term memory, technology and other subjects addressed in discussions of learning. Some newer commercial strategies are fun, e-friendly, but lack supportive evidence of producing any significant yield. Other, older strategies may be like bad habits, hard to break. Some of the Ivy League schools still encourage students to study more with visually-oriented resources if they prefer visual learning, in spite of the fact that their own research demonstrates “no greater long-term information retention” by applying such a strategy. Reading 500 pages per technique about the underlying research will not enhance the effectiveness of the resource. So, this strategy is condensed, providing those who engage it a concise, complete and effective alternative. Or, you may apply it as a complement to full, high-performance academic coaching. It is sufficient to allow you to succeed independently, with a strategy that will be effective year after year, without incurring additional cost. Become an Academic High Achiever  –  your success matters!

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