The American Dream

The American Dream. You wish to share the national ethos, the amalgamation of ideas regarding inalienable citizens’ rights including with quality education, sound medical care, and diverse opportunities to acquire other measures of broadly defined prosperity. This includes upward social mobility achieved through hard work in a barrier-free society.

The American Dream as we address it is based on facilitated personal development. Starting with “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” pyramid, you initially address food, clothing, and shelter. Presuming these foundational needs have been sufficiently met, pursue high-level literacy (general, health, other specific) and career development as the next steps on the road to prosperity and longevity. Acknowledge your personal interests, special skills, talents, or gifts. But, wisdom also recognizes that phenomenal artists, who are very poorly educated, are often starving artists who become most famous posthumously. ISG Success says – Access the American Dream or . . .

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