Your Recruiting Specialist

Recruitment Specialists often tout their ability to develop and place people into new Contracts. However, recruiting businesses too often simply place your information (after modification) into their databases for alternative application. They feign service to you by sending autoresponder-based update letters and Boolean logic driven job search opportunities to you, with many complete mismatches. Their actual objective is list-building, lists that they may sold or compromised. Fee-based services always up-sell resume remodeling, correspondence writing, interview skill development and webinar-based training. They have nicer websites, post higher salaried listing and provide toll-free numbers, but they are no more effective at placement than their free siblings. Particularly, they do nothing to enhance your desirability to the market; unless you actually believe that resume and cover letter style ever received precedence over relevant education and practical experience in a hiring decision. Professionals are generally spared traditional recruitment mishandling. Higher level, employer-paid placement fees drive recruiters to actually track down professionals with whom they personally share opportunities. So, unless you are a professional, use recruiting services only by registering fictitiously and engaging desirable listings as information sources for direct application. Otherwise, allow us to help with your professional development!