Your Next Best Opportunity Exists

Clearly, corporations look primarily after their own best interests. Jobs are created, altered, exported, and eliminated at their discretion. Refer to each job as a Contract. With a typical job duration of 2 – 4 years, that makes the average Contract duration 3 years. The associated private sector career development is thereby challenging from at least that perspective as a starting point.

So, you should concurrently look after your own interests. We are not suggesting that you work in a constantly distracted manner, not performing as contracted, or failing to consider the employers’ interests. In fact, you should work totally focused and at a level above and beyond corporate expectations. If your department were to be unexpectedly eliminated tomorrow, you should wish to claim that the company loathes to lose you. Your knowledge, skills, and experience should be on par with or exceed that of anyone else that is a market competitor in your still very viable field. 

It happens. The company elects to not develop your department as promised. The product line that you were engaged to champion becomes de-funded. A competitor beat your organization to market with a much cheaper, albeit underperforming alternative product. So, you are asked to update your skills set in a logarithmic manner (again) if you wish to stay meaningful internally. You just received a text stating that retained personnel productivity goals have just been increased three-hundred percent, just as you were simultaneously reviewing next week’s sixty-hour work assignment. You were also contemplating the barbarism of another holiday schedule that is simultaneously upon you.

Even with evolving targets and hurdles, targeted personal development is still a meaningful, personal objective. Personal development is about improving “brand you”, separate from often unmeritorious corporate evolution by which you may find yourself surrounded. You are not the captain. Keep your eyes open, and “do not go down with any corporate ship”. So long as your vision, strategic personal development, and commendable effort persist, your perseverance will precede your next best opportunity. ISG Success believes in your Next Best Opportunity. 

Your Success Matters!