Your Next Best Opportunity

Clearly corporations look primarily after their own best interests. Jobs are created, altered, exported, and eliminated at their discretion. Refer to each job as a Contract. With the average job turnover rate of once every 2 – 4 years, the average Contract duration is 3 years, so career development is a challenge.

As such, you should look after your own interests as well. We are not talking about working in a constantly distracted manner or failing to perform as you were contracted. In fact, you should work totally focused and at a level beyond corporate expectations. If your department were surprisingly eliminated tomorrow, you would wish to espouse that the company should be loathe to lose you.

But, it happens. The company elects to not develop your department as promised. The product line that you were engaged to champion becomes de-funded. A competitor beat your organization to market with an alternative product and you are asked to update your skill set in a logarithmic way (again) if you wish to stay meaningful. You just received a text stating that per personal productivity goals have just been increased 320% as your were simultaneously reviewing next week’s sixty hour work schedule.

Even with evolving targets and hurdles, career development is still a viable concept as long as the American Dream persists. Contact us, we’ll help facilitate your Next Best Opportunity!