Career Development Now

There was a time during the 20th century when the majority of the American workforce believed that lifetime career success was synonymous with landing a job with a great company. It is now clearly evident that corporations look primarily after their own interests. Jobs are created, altered, exported, and eliminated at their discretion. With the average job turnover rate of once every 2 – 4 years in the private sector, career development is a challenge.

To complement the reality of the job market we have the social vision of our public media. Most contemporary media content is a distraction, providing entertainment or biased content that fails to address issues pertinent to a successful workforce. It rarely illuminates the needs of hundreds of thousands of new high school, college and advanced professional citizens-graduates presenting to the job markets annually. Nor does it address how the most empowered in America (in government, Wall Street, Fortune 1000 corporations, colleges and universities, the plutocracy and others) are (or are not) purposefully and cooperatively addressing maintenance of the American Dream. Forget their reality, follow us.

Even with evolving, moving targets, career development is a viable concept as long as the American Dream is intact and your focus appropriate. Whether you are looking for your first job, planning for advancement, or making a transition, we can help. Consider our Pyramid Strategy. ISG Success can help you with a powerful strategic tool that you can execute independently. Your success matters …

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