Benefits of Association

Generally speaking, humans are a social species. We group, associate, align ourselves with, befriend, marry and engage in all manner of other behaviors for the purpose of actual or potential benefits. When due to age, independence, and societal rights, we are allowed to make decisions regarding religious associations, as in the United States, many Americans choose to remain or become Christians, no matter where they live.

If you choose to live in certain regions, you are obliged to join a homeowner association. With your membership in the association, there are covenants, conditions, and restrictions. These CC&R’s are used by many “common interest” developments, including separate or attached homes, condominiums, and co-ops, to regulate the use, appearance, and maintenance of the property. These CC&R’s are enforced through the homeowners’ associations (HOA’s). The associations may also maintain common properties and services such as lakes, parks, country clubs, fitness centers, pools, tennis courts, security personnel and others depending upon property types, locations, and values. Of most relevance here is that you choose these neighborhoods, associations, and by such choices, you make covenant relationships, with benefits and obligations.

God is the author of the His Covenant with you. God fully understands His expectations (your obligations) and all the benefits available to you by association – He created and defines the benefits, our future homes in Heaven and prosperity now (3 John 1-4). As such, let us be real about this. God never asked anyone to join His HOA with the twist of obligations and restrictions now, but no benefits until later. As such, you need no over-the-top pious or poverty-mentality religious leader diminishing your appreciation of the “now benefits” of God’s Covenant with you. 

You do not need to covet anything. God has more than you can possibly conceive or imagine, of handsome form, lovely both from without and within. And, don’t let the world’s marketing and sales pressures, or your senses lead you to desire more than you’re prepared to take care of, manage, be responsible for, learn to understand, engage, perform, lead, and serve. With God, you receive all the benefits of association – prosper now or learn more about the blessings of God.