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Ultimately, you want to select a Coach /Facilitator who feels right for you and with whom you will interact well. Select us.

Confidentiality is key – “Whatever occurs in our sessions stay in our sessions”.

Skill Set
For the life of me, throughout U.S. history I cannot identify one U.S. Presidential candidate with a degree in Presidentiology or CEO with certification in being a Chief Executive Officer, before or after successfully rising to the positions. Our culture has allowed individuals, groups, employers and many forms of professional and social organizations to comfortably develop the customs and habits of labeling people in innumerable manners for their convenient categorization, with both commendable and nefarious purposes (e.g., information lists sales), including the purpose of creating commercial training, labeling and certifying agencies.

Our team can simply “get the job done.” Contact us and discuss your goals.

Cost of Services
We attempt to provide a uniform price structure. However, you are an individual, not interested in being slotted into boilerplate service offerings. You want customized attention. Ultimately, cost will depend on the volume and frequency of your work with us as well as the type of coaching/facilitating in which you are interested. Additionally, those of us with experience working in the public sector are appropriately sensitive to related issues.

Consider for example of our least literate client prospects. They are also likely to be impaired financially, in spite of which they incur an average additional $13,000/person/year of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses because of low Health Literacy alone, much less costs related to other decisions adversely impacted by generally poor literacy. Our assistance with Health Literacy (one high level skill set) reduces medical costs for this year, future years and probably impacts peripherally related skills and associated costs. (“give the person a fish… versus teach a person to fish…”)

Facilitating successful transition requires an amalgamated delivery of numerous skill sets that we are able to deliver. Moreover, it commands a premium fee schedule.

Coaching is no more expensive than other quality goods and services in the context of its value and service to you. One client may need to overcome an immediate hurdle that seems too great. Another has struggled with an issue his/her entire life. Some sense having found exactly what they really want, but are not confident about getting there. Others have simply not prepared themselves to succeed. If your desire is considerable and your drive strong. . . how much do you value making it happen? 

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