Coaching Industry Certification

Consider by analogy, Sports Coaches. A few states have taken the revenue-generating, individual opportunity-limiting approach of requiring coaches who are part of a high school “teaching staff” to obtain a Coach Certificate. But, the vast majority of the recreational, middle and high school, college and professional coaches have no formal coaching certification or coaching-specific degrees. Contemporary college students may train in programs with content that integrates anatomy and physiology, fitness training, sports psychology, motivational and leadership theory, the rules of particular sports, sport-specific strategy, issues of officiating and application of contemporary sports technology. However, they graduate with degrees, not certifications in coaching.

There are many “certified Life coaches” around the globe. Yet, there is no uniform didactic content and experiential process for educating, preparing and certifying these coaches. But, as with fitness trainers, a few larger organizations have invested in establishing themselves as training/certifying specialty agencies. The coaching industry, as an unregulated industry, recognizes that many personal coaches are highly qualified to perform coaching, whereas others are simply very talented, enthusiastic salesmen and niche motivational speakers. It is up to you as a consumer to determine what actually works for you. ISG Success believes your success matters!