Coaches assist clients close the gap between where they are and where they want to be; by analogy, a group of talented players become a winning team. It’s about working with people who wants to be different, achieve more or to simply reach (or address) a present, challenging objective. The objective(s) should be specific. As a client your immediate goals should be pertinent to yourself. Even if the more distant objective would be a favorable response by another/others to you, the immediate goal is to reach desirable changes in you (information/skills learned, performance outcomes, changed behavior, bundles of successes).

As effective Coaches we assist you in determining what is most important to you, helping you clearly define your challenge(s), and assisting in articulating specific, desired outcomes. As Coaches/Facilitators we help you develop and engage your own, preferred, acceptable solutions. We are not simply consultants with answers and solutions. In fact, forcefully specifying solutions (even if correct) may cause you to become resistant to the process and less responsible for the outcome. The greater objective is to help you to simultaneously learn to be more effective yourself.

By earnestly engaging the process activities, you should address the current challenge(s) as well as become better prepared to handle future hurdles without our assistance. Occasionally, we recognize that clients have very significant knowledge, behavioral and attitude barriers that must be overcome for success. But, such is expected.

Clinicians, as well as attorneys, programmers and financial analysts are some of many professionals with the responsibilities of providing definitive solutions for clients, whether the ultimate outcomes are as hoped for or not. The services are often delivered in a tight time window, the vast majority of processes at the discretion of and performed by the professional. Alternatively, it is intended that a Coach/Facilitator deliver service to clients that actually lead clients to solutions that the clients fully comprehend and with regards to which they are in agreement; all are “aboard” with the plan.

It is out objective to help you close gaps, possibly also assisting in overcoming barrier-beliefs and self-limiting, undermining behaviors. Sometimes, the goals versus timelines are just too great, even given optimal resources. However, it may be just as important for many of you to have us serve as a “sounding board of reason” so that you may consider facts, realities, and truths within the framework of your paradigms.

Our Coaches are also forward-thinking, advancement oriented, forces for positive development. Of course, today and tomorrow are built upon foundations constructed in the past. But, it is not the Coach’s role to ameliorate your past, change your attitudes about the past, or to help you feel better about yourself and your life. Neither Coaches nor you can reconstruct the past. Rather, in the context of a coaching relationship, both the Coach and you should simply take advantage of lessons learned, applying them to avoid future missteps and upon which to build new, stronger foundations. We are also not your boss, supervisor, manager, or other who has an authoritarian role to which you must be accountable. Rather, you choose to be accountable to your investment of time and resources, responsible to your success, applying a powerful tool independent of us, or simulteously…

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