Students Who Thirst for Success Become Academic High Achievers

1. Thirsty, I brought my modest cup to the tap to fill it, but very little water flowed. I spent a reasonable amount of time waiting, but to no avail. I found those responsible for the fountain and one responded: “How big is your cup?” Then the staff simply suggested that I use a larger cup.

  1. Still thirsty, I tried a 12-ounce plastic cup with great expectation, and again only limited water flowed. I languished waiting, unsatisfied. I again sought out the management staff who replied: “Of what is your vessel made?” To my response, “plastic”, he stated that it was the wrong material and suggested metal.

  2. Parched by now, I brought a souvenir mug to the tap, experiencing disappointment once more. Finding a different person among those responsible, she responded: “Did you use a 12 oz metal container with fountain-specific dimensions?” Puzzled and disturbed, I thought “This is absurd.”

  3. Undaunted, I then used a 12-ounce metal cup, offered by their facility. However, again, only scant water flowed from the tap. Beleaguered, but determined, I pursued satisfaction, being informed “We historically deliver water in a certain manner. Although your container fits our delivery specifications, apparently you were not able to correctly engage the service you desire.”

  4. Exhausted, I patiently sat at the tap, gathering as much water as was offered, only to find it somewhat ill-flavored. In response, a system representative summarily responded, “Such is all that is available and we have not determined it be substandard.” As I momentarily considered a retort, a sigh escaped my lips, to which someone responded “Thank-you for your patronage, and feel free to procure your water elsewhere if not completely satisfied. Have a great day.”

You thirst to excel academically. But, the systems are often not created with your best interests in mind. A cup (capacity to learn) is universal. How it is applied and developed can be individually customized. Become an academic high achiever.