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  2. Obtaining Top Colleges Admissions
  3. Enjoying Debt-Free College
  4. Living Healthy and Productive
  5. A Model of Fitness
  6. Thriving – Successful at Work
  7. Providing Leadership
  8. Excelling in Business
  9. Evolving into the Best You
  10. Living the “American Dream”
  11. Living Blessed

Our objective is to help you get there. Share your goals with us. Let us facilitate closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Together we will achieve much more in your life. Do not allow yourselves to be left out. We will meet you (and your value perspectives) right where you are and help you advance from there.  Let us help you achieve your goals: faster, effectively, confidently, with vigor and zest.


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Fall Kick-off Time for Scrutinizing Education Settings

“The University of Maryland (UMD) was forced to take down flyers and change the name of a counseling program that offered ‘safe space for white students’ after sparking outrage on campus.” Additionally, “A Texas superintendent apologized Tuesday after he blasted Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson on social media, saying ‘you can’t count on a black quarterback.'” Of course, “A University of Michigan professor has been slammed for refusing to write a letter of recommendation for a student applying to study in Israel.” And, never to be outperformed in California, “Berkeley is treating its police officers as second-class citizens, giving preferential treatment again to the apparently-fragile students and disrespecting the very people who protect them from the likes of Antifa,” Brown said. “Not only has UC Berkeley disrespected its officers by putting them in harm’s way without allowing them to do their jobs via a stand-down order during campus protests, but they’ve now disgracefully told officers that they can’t use the same bathrooms as students.”

The point to be noted is that these are well-recognized institutions of higher learning as well as representatives of educational leadership. Every Fall, students initiate processes related to the “rights of passage” starting from middle school through their pre-college and college educations. You need to consider closely where you wish for them to be relative to the values espoused in those environments. It is Fall kick-off time for earnestly scrutinizing education settings and opportunities.